Not a coffee shop, not your typical co-working space, just  a cozy place where you can work, play, study, share your project and passions.

It sounds pretty good, so how does it work?

You pay only for the time you spend with us, we take care of the rest.

Upon your arrival you will be given a card to keep track of your time. Meanwhile you can…

It sounds awesome, how much does it cost?

Up to the first hour costs € 4. After that, each 30 min costs € 1.50.

It is a lot of maths but to make it easier:

  • if you stay for 20 min, you pay € 4
  • if you stay for one hour and 20 min, you pay € 4 + € 1.50 = € 5.50
  • if you stay for two hours, you pay € 4 + € 1.50+ €1.50= € 7

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

To make your life easier, we offer the following packages:

Pay as you go:

  • 20 hours for € 50
  • 30 hours for € 75
  • 50 hours for € 115

For Regulars Only:

  • Day Pass: € 14
  • Weekly Pass: € 65
  • Monthly Pass: € 200


We serve a broad variety of sandwiches and salads, smoothies, alcoholic beverages (out of the “all you can eat” buffet deal).



Also, did you know you can rent our space for private events? Get in touch and tell us your story

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